Locally Handmade Pottery That Spans the Color Wheel

Jill Rosenwald crafts colorful ceramics from her South Boston studio.

Jillie Cups

Pick a shade, any shade—and there’s a Jill Rosenwald piece to match. Her handcrafted ceramic pieces span the color wheel, each featuring a playful combination of hues that effortlessly work. Crisp blacks and reds, saturated oranges and greens, soft grays and pinks—her collection of one-of-a-kind pottery has it all, paired together unexpectedly, of course.

Rosenwald, who’s been creating homegoods for decades under her name, churns out an impressive collection of ceramic bowls, vases, trays, lamps and mugs from her South Boston studio. Graphic prints like chevron, hexagons, links, and wide stripes adorn some pieces; organic patterns with natural motifs, floral inspiration and flowing lines grace others. And there’s a shape for every purpose and personal style: the pieces boast a diverse assortment of sizes and forms, from simple, straight lines to curvy teardrops, flutes or balls. All are finished with a fresh, lighthearted color palette perfectly suited for that individual piece. Rosenwald’s pairings can be subtle, classic or outright daring, sometimes all within the same piece, but are always clever, well-balanced, and strikingly beautiful.

“When you look at the world as a designer, you see it through the lens of design,” Rosenwald says. “I see the world as colors next to colors, so there is a constant influx of design ideas. I get ideas everyday, all the time.”

Rosenwald’s handcrafted pottery has long had a devoted following, partly because each new piece is only introduced after undergoing an intensive creative process rife with testing, editing, and refining. The final ceramic pieces also inspire Rosenwald’s lines of bedding and rugs, which feature large-scale spin-offs of her popular patterns and equally embrace color without being overpowering.

“The pottery is the beginning,” Rosenwald says. “Every piece is beautiful and we won’t make it anywhere but our studio. Those pieces are the basis that we develop any other products.”

For Rosenwald, the last few years have seen a variety of designer collaborations, and the results are beautiful must-have pieces. She’s paired with Erin Gates to create a fresh spin on the classic black and white pairing for a graphic collection of homegoods, among others, and has a few currently in the works. It’s an increasing trend, and one she wholeheartedly welcomes. “The collaboration we’ve done with other designers, creating lines, they’re always so fun,” Rosenwald says. “I think that’s the future. It makes it so interesting, and makes a good story.”

To learn more about Jill Rosenwald and see her full collection of handmade ceramics and her bedding and rug line, visit her website.

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