Get Some Hand-Dipped Ambiance from Mole Hollow Candles

The artisan candlemakers have been crafting their beloved products in Sturbridge for decades.

Spring Tapers Product Shot

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Mole Hollow Candles have been an unequivocal go-to for those in the know for decades—and with a strike of a match, they’ll instantly become yours as well. The company, founded in 1969, earned its loyal following by producing a just plain covet-worthy candle, all thanks to their small team of artisans.

Each and every Mole Hollow candle—from the elegant tapers, scented votives, and sleek pillars to the beeswax tapers and birthday candles—is expertly hand-dipped or hand-poured by one of their craftspeople in Sturbridge. It’s an inherently finicky process impacted by many factors including differences in wax batches and humidity, but the end result is simply stunning and boasts an ideal burn. Their beloved tapers are hand-dipped 24 at a time on frames weaved with wicks, and feature their signature Spun finish, a subtle crisscrossed pattern reminiscent of linen.

“In order to get the candles to be smooth, have the right taper, and the crosshatched finished, it takes good eye, good pacing, and very smooth motion,” Dunn said. “It really is a craft. It takes a while to learn, and not every candle or batch turns out perfect no matter how long you do it. That’s where the true craftsmanship comes in, to look at it and know this is what I have to do to produce the beautiful candle I’m looking for.”

The small-batch candles come in a broad spectrum of hues fit for any palette. Their rich tones are soft and striking—an impressive balance that instantly elevates any tabletop or mantle they adorn. Scents, too, span the gamut from traditional hollyberry to earthy sandalwood, offering a delicate fragrance for whatever your favor. No matter the product, whenever Mole Hollow’s artisans finish handcrafting a batch of candles, they proudly mark the box.

“When someone actually puts their name on it, right on the front of the box, it symbolizes they take pride in what they do,” Dunn said. It’s person who spent their day making this product for the consumer, and it really humanizes it. It’s entirely authentic.”

To see the full range of Mole Hollow’s beautiful handcrafted candles, visit their website or stop by their Sturbridge factory store, Nomad in Cambridge, City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Plain, or any Whole Foods.