Curb Appeal: Savin Hill by the Sea

A Nantucket-style exterior that’s right at home in the city.

Savin Hill

Photo by Danielle Ossher

A whitewashed facade with leisurely front porch and homey accents—it’s a laid-back look that abounds on the Cape and Islands, but can feel right at home in the city, too. Case and point: This breezy Savin Hill home that’s both understated and unequivocally charming.

White cedar shingles blanket the exterior and create an airy backdrop that’s finished with classic white trim throughout. This clean slate plays up the home’s architectural features, allowing the dramatic rooflines and many windows, including a centerpiece palladian window, to effortlessly stand out. The large front porch extends the entire length of the house and features a covered entry defined by four simple columns and inviting seating for warm days. A few well-selected accessories, including a large weathered barn star, friendly gnome and rocking chair, give the Nantucket-esque exterior a personal, friendly spirit fit for city living.

Embrace the easygoing style of Cape and Islands no matter your locale by keeping it fresh and simple. Opt for light, natural siding and simple white for all the trim to set an unassuming, casual tone for your exterior. Then, play it up with a few carefully chosen accessories that will enhance the look without overpowering it. One large piece, like an Amish barn star (pictured below), adds a nice focal point to a large stretch of uninterrupted shingles. Or, adorn your entry stairs with a classic, jolly garden gnome (also pictured below), for a quirky welcome.

Barn Star Garden gnome