Check Out This Naturally Chic Home Decor from Simka Sol

Simka Sol founder Sara Charles perfects the art of thoughtful design.

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Brazenly original and cleverly conscious—it’s an impressive combination that Simka Sol boasts with its eclectic collection of home decor, apparel, and accessories. And every piece is affordable and handmade in local Boston home studio, too.

Brimming with inspiration and craving more freedom than her corporate graphic design job allowed for, Sara Charles founded Simka Sol (nee Bark Decor) in 2009 to pursue her creative whims. She’s been crafting genuine designs with a holistic approach ever since, instantly enamoring her Etsy faithful. “I wanted to feed my natural desire to create whatever it was I was feeling inside,” Charles said.

Charles ingeniously screen-prints her hand-drawn illustrations onto a multitude of products with a beautifully simple element—sunlight. Rather than rely on indoor UV exposure to complete the screen-printing process, she instead relies on her natural surroundings by placing each screen outside in her backyard. She not only embraces the unreliable nature of this process, but relishes it as it perfectly embodies her eco-conscious mindset and approach to her work, which also features only water-based inks.

“This process, which is so dependent on the environment, has helped me slow down in a fast paced ‘now’ world, take a deep breath and appreciate what nature gives us as natural tools,” Charles said.

True to her initial goal, Charles continues to let her inspiration reign, embracing the creative freedom that Simka Sol grants. Her varied collection, which features pillowcases, hand towels, fine art prints, leggings, scarves, dresses, and so much more, expresses a refreshingly authentic and unique style.

“I love being able to create whatever, whenever wherever,” Charles said. “No rules, just chugging along, perfecting my craft, and pushing the limits each time.”

Visit Simka Sol online to shop the full collection and learn more about the mindful design and manufacturing process.

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