Curb Appeal: Springtime Blooms in the Back Bay

Natural elements and ornate details create a welcoming entry for this Back Bay home.


Photo by Danielle Ossher

Traditional brick with black accents and wrought iron features—not your typical springtime pairing, but this Back Bay exterior transitions into the burgeoning season with ease.

The generous, blooming garden sets the seasonal tone for this exterior, extending the natural features to the house itself with window boxes, wall trellises and tall, sleek planters that flank the doorway. The carefully arranged garden boasts a verdant array of lush greenery complimented beautifully with well-placed, colorful flowers. The window boxes and planters hold a more embellished arrangement, brimming with fresh, inviting blooms. The large, all-black doorway establishes a formal entrance within the earthy landscape and introduces an ornate element to this exterior with the polished brass doorknocker, plates and decorative details. A detailed wrought iron gate lines the property, the design continuing to the window grills, curved to accommodate the boxes.

Transition into the season like this Back Back home by bringing the focus to the natural elements. No matter how much garden space you have, simply extending the features up to your home’s exterior creates dimension and increases the impact. Tall, sleek planters, like the modern ones below, placed on each side of the doorway draw the eye and establish a clear central point. Complete the fresh look with window boxes and wall trellis, quick addition for immediate impact. Balance the natural features with ornate brass details, like a lions head door knocker (pictured below) and decorative elements for the doorframe (also pictured below), and traditional features that match the exterior, like the classic wall lanterns below.

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