Celebrate Your Milestones with Tiny Trinket Dishes

Handmade ceramic dishes from Zinnia Designs are simple and festive.

ZD Wedding

Image provided by Zinia Designs.

Teeny trinket dishes are, by nature, simply adorable and wonderfully multifunctional—and ceramic versions by Zinnia Designs embrace a “less is more” attitude with playful charm.

Each custom piece is handmade by Tanya Chin in her Boston home studio during the coveted spare moments this busy mother of two young children can carve. Her fresh, sweet designs celebrate special moments, from engagements, weddings and anniversaries to new homes and new babies. All Zinnia Design dishes are tailored and personalized to order, offering a plethora of options for customers to make it their own with unique names, initials, dates, and illustrations.

“I love zinnias. They are such gorgeous flowers in an amazing array of sizes and colors—sort of like my work,” Chin says.

No matter the design, she is always careful to keep it bright and fun, but simple, a necessary restraint for such a small medium. Chin, who holds a BFA in ceramics from MassArt, forgoes pre-sketching for traditional customer proofs. She forms each dish by working directly on the clay, molding it to shape and then stamping on the illustration and lettering.

“I love the feel of the clay in my hands,” Chin says. “That’s why I hand build all my work instead of using moulds or a wheel. I’m a one woman studio so each and every piece is hand formed by me, making it unique.”

Visit Zinnia Designs online to shop the full collection of charming personalized dishes, and to learn more about her tiles with impressions of your baby’s hands and feet.

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