Curb Appeal: An Inset Entry Stands Out in the South End

Smart color pairings create a strong presence for this entryway.


Photo by Danielle Ossher.

A pop of minty green and chic, personalized touches elevate a deeply inset entry into an eye-catching South End entry.

Offset a minty green door with true black insets and a creamy ivory trim–a clever color combination that instantly creates a dynamic, compelling doorway. The front door is coated in a subtle, alluring minty green and framed by narrow sidelights and matching transom windows; these are painted true black to dramatically layer against the neutral, cream trim. A gorgeous, pearlescent hanging lantern is the perfect finishing touch, catching the light for dimension and dressing up the space with a hint of glamour. A playful brass acorn knocker adorns the front door and mirrors the shape of  the generous lantern while a personalized sign hangs below and welcomes all visitors with cheery flair.

To pull off this look yourself, it’s all about creating a simply striking doorway vignette. Pick a muted yet colorful tone, like the dusty green below, and play up it up by differentiating existing architectural details with starkly contrasted hues, letting a simple paint combination to all the hard work. Balance the statement palette with a overlarge hanging pendant that holds its own, like one with a linen-glass finish or strong graphic presence (both pictured below). Layer with small accents, like the charming, traditional-esque acorn door knocker below, and a friendly, painted-wood sign, which you can easily find at a local craft store or snag from the troves available on Etsy.

FB Chappell