An Artful and Inspired Ode to Buildings

Cynthia Kozdeba captures the essence of prominent buildings in ceramic.

Alhambra Star Compass

Alhambra Star Compass. Photo by David Binder.

Cynthia Kozdeba artfully and accurately interprets cityscapes, floorplans and architectural details onto ceramic. She creates stunning one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the true underlying beauty of notable buildings around the world.

A Boston-based architect, Kozdeba blends her fascination with the subject and intellectual curiosity to relive moments from her travels, and translate them into brilliantly original and wonderfully graphic side projects. Since honing her ideas and perfecting the creative process a few years ago, Kozdeba has completed three sculptural series—Duomo, on the Florence Cathedral in Italy; Alhambra, on the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, and most recently Trinity, on Boston’s Trinity Church.

For each series, Kozdeba truly delves into the subject—which she must, by her own rule, have visited in person. She then undertakes an immense amount of research on the building, its history, and its architectural foundations and styles to broaden her understanding and continue her architectural learning. “Part of my reason for doing this is to understand the building better, and what better way than to draw about it and dive into what’s it’s all about,” Kozdeba says.

Working off her own photographs and her research findings, Kozdeba plans her series, which include a variety of 10″-by-15″ ceramic tiles as well as one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional sculptures. The subject matter differs from piece to piece—some feature cityscapes or complete floorplans, others simple architectural details found within. “I get a vibe from the space, what’s so special about it, and what are the predominant feelings,” Kozdeba says.

For more information on Cynthia Kozdeba’s work, including upcoming events or to contact her directly, visit her online.

Alhambra Cityscape

Alhambra Cityscape. Photo by Renee Cameron Photography.

Alhambra Colonnade

Alhambra Colonnade. Photo by Renee Cameron Photography.

Duomo Floor Plan in Poche

Duomo Floor Plan in Poche. Photo by Renee Cameron Photography.

Trinity Piling Plan

Trinity Piling Plan. Photo provided.