Wake Up Anywhere In The World

Anywhere in the World

flowers by table & tulip / photograph by adam detour / Styling by Kara Butterfield

You don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy the best part of traveling—getting up that first morning, refreshed, in a luxe hotel bedroom, ready to embrace the day. With select linens, flooring, and accessories, your own boudoir can transport you to that exotic clime, offering the promise of adventure each and every day.


international beds



This bedroom’s etched side table, intricate tile work, and jewel-toned fabrics are all essentials of Moroccan design, but the thick cotton sheets and metallic accents offer a fresh take on the royal aesthetic of Marrakesh. 

Brass wind chime, $24, December Thieves.

Sulu “Bianca” tunic, $298, John Robshaw “Shield” decorative pillow, $143, Star Home “Weathered Wood” nut bowl, $44, and Roost “Lotus” table, $150, all Portobello Road.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard “Eastern Promise” tiles, $25 per square foot, Ann Sacks.

“Lace” lights, $440 each, Janus et Cie.

Moroccan wedding blanket, $465, Joanne Rossman.

Moroccan nickel-plated-steel tray (with folding stand), $199, Mohr & McPherson.

“Vine” tea glasses, $36 for six, A Curated World.

Vintage seltzer bottle, $45, Diseño.

Matouk “Luca” Egyptian cotton–percale sheet set, starting at $541, Michelle Willey.

Handcrafted Moravian tin star light, $120, Nomad.

“Luxury Varanasi” cushion cover, $395, “Varanasi” cotton Euro pillowcase, $175, and “Varanasi” cotton duvet cover, starting at $750, all Frette.

kyoto bed

photograph by adam detour / Styling by Kara Butterfield


Order reigns supreme in Japan, and this decidedly minimalist boudoir is steeped in Eastern bliss. Pops of vibrant orange make a dynamic addition to the soothing palette.

Moooi “Random” light, starting at $642, and “Diamond” quilt, starting at $425, both Design Within Reach.

Preverco “Kilimanjaro” solid wire-brushed flooring, $7 per square foot, WD Flooring Gallery.

Anki Spets “Emile” linen body pillowcase, $165, Anki Spets “Parallel Blue” cotton flat sheet, starting at $165, Anki Spets “Parallel Blue” cotton pillowcases, $85 per pair, “Peppercorn Blue” cushion, $185, and “Millefeuille” blanket, starting at $165, all Lekker.

Handcarved marble platter, $185, and traditional Japanese geta, $39, both Mohr & McPherson.

Herbert Krenchel “Krenit” bowls, starting at $18, Design Within Reach.

Handpainted ceramic sardine, $8, Black Ink.

Raw silk runner, $299, Diseño.

“Indigo Shop Apron” vintage shoulder bag, $195, and linen “Indigo Ikat” panel, $100, both Old Japan.

“Ikat Stripe” pillow, $132, Patch NYC.

Woven rattan basket, $59, and Japanese four-string wooden lute, $400, both JFS Design Studio.

paris bed

photograph by adam detour / Styling by Kara Butterfield


Luxury is the Parisian raison d’être. A crisp white bedspread against pretty parquet floors epitomizes French elegance, while a plush lamb’s-wool throw offers a sumptuous accent.

“Malmaison” champagne cooler, $1,570, “Kawali” clear champagne flute, $220, “Anèmone” tray, $2,350, “L’Âme de Christofle” five-piece stainless steel place setting, $150, “Silver Time” teapot, $2,000, “Silver Time” cream pitcher, $695, and “Silver Time” sugar bowl, $450, all Christofle.

Sferra linen napkin, $30, and Bernardaud “Louvre” bread-and-butter plate, $24, both Neiman Marcus.

Tibetan lamb’s-wool throw, $435, Janus et Cie.

“Reporter” notebook, $13, Gracie Finn.

Pocket diary, $14, Hudson.

Map, from Frommer’s Paris Day by Day, $14, Harvard Book Store.

Stile “Casual Burmese” teak herringbone flooring, $19 per square foot, WD Flooring Gallery.

“Maison” night gown, $817, La Perla.

Paul Andrew “Hellena” heels, $645, Balenciaga scarf, $385, and Tyler Alexandra “Bailey” bag, starting at $2,250, all Louis.

“Hotel Classic” Egyptian-cotton bed set, starting at $350, “Hotel Classic” Egyptian-cotton duvet cover, starting at $325, and “Hotel Classic” Egyptian-cotton Euro sham, $90, all Frette.

international beds



Driven by brilliant, saturated color, this room features a hand-painted folding screen, over-dyed rugs, and a Kantha blanket, all of which evoke India’s rich, multicultural history.

Traditional handpainted folding screen, $550, hand spun “Khotan” silk rug, $9,390, overdyed patchwork rug, $1,790, hand stitched “Kantha” cotton blanket, $95, handprinted “Kantha” cotton pillow, $58, vintage silk sari, $350, hand-etched Burmese lacquerware tray, $69, and antique farmers’ stool, $179, all Mohr & McPherson.

Painted lanterns, $22 each, and cotton blanket, $86, both Pod.

Vintage Indian wooden side table, $190, and vintage Indian hand-embroidered “Rajasthan” pillow, $148, both Nomad.

“Glitter Tube” necklace, $242, vintage elephant, $248, and sequin pillow, $132, all Patch NYC.

Animal playing cards, $10, and And So It Goes leather-and-cotton market bag, $120, both December Thieves.

“Fleur-De-Lys” juice glass, $6, Anthropologie.

“Blithe” Indian leather clutch, $35, and velvet-and-silk embroidered pillow, $295, both Zimman’s.

 Bedouin pillow cushion, $225, Old Japan.