ClockONE’s Cutting Edge Technology Translates to Sleek, High-End Design

Twelve24’s first product is a giant, ultra-modern clock called ClockONE. It runs on high-tech E Ink—the same technology as Amazon Kindle. We caught up with the founder of the company to find out what sets this startup apart.

Green ClockONE prototype in an environmental shot.

Image provided.

At exactly one meter wide and 350 millimeters tall, ClockONE is enormous compared with most other wall clocks—but you cannot call it clunky. While many tech products for the home feature bright screens, power cords, and bulky shapes, ClockONE merges technology with industrial design to create a functional product that doubles as wall art. The reason ClockONE can be so thin has everything to do with E Ink technology, known for its high contrast appearance and ultra-low power consumption.

ClockONE launched in January and made a splash this year at ICFF in May and Dwell on Design in June. You’d never guess that the company behind ClockONE, Twelve24, was founded a mere 14 months ago. Their mission is to create new products with leading design firms inspired by E Ink technology. Now, Andy Mitchelides and his business partner Steve Bautista are racing to finalize mass production details for a ship date later this fall. While a lot of startups see an unmet need and design a product to fill the gap, Twelve24 designs without being influenced by the market, creating products they think would be “really cool.”

E Ink Corporation is the world’s leading developer and provider of electronic paper displays to the market (notable clientele includes Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble). Founded in 1997, the company originally spun out of MIT’s Media Lab and is now headquartered in Billerica.

The clock was engineered so that it would be simple enough to ship without directions. Extra large plus and minus buttons control the time. A sliding switch on the back panel determines whether the time is displayed as a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock–an important feature given that just roughly 42 percent of pre-sales are in the United States, according to Mitchelides. It runs on one coin cell watch battery for an entire year. Keeping with this minimalist approach, the clock can also be hung with a magnetic wall mount. Mitchelides shares, “We looked at things you would hang in our home or office that are just a total pain in the ass like a large picture or LCD TV. Then, we designed this simple system–one screw, one puck, one dock.”

Over the summer, Twelve24 is working to finalize mass production details. Mitchelides hopes the final product will be assembled in the United States, and right now it’s looking like that will likely happen in California. One thing is for certain, the ink will be manufactured right here in Massachusetts at E Ink Corporation. After mass production of ClockONE gets off the ground, Mitchelides wants to continue to find “products that have been traditionally tied to a power cord and flip them on their head.”

Although you cannot purchase a ClockONE quite yet, you can join their pre-sale mailing list to be notified when the product becomes available later this fall and receive an “exclusive discount.” Price is estimated at $499.

More photos of the product below:

Changing the time image.

Changing the time with the press of a button. Image provided.

Color options for ClockONE image.

Color options for ClockONE. Image provided.