Turn Up the Heat

A local entrepreneur takes to the flame.

turn up the heat

Photograph by Toan Trinh

This fall, Boston-based designer and architect Ben Uyeda plans to take his creativity outdoors—by griddling, sautéing, and, of course, barbecuing on this sleek Stok gas grill, which offers a clever insert system for all kinds of kitchen work. “[It] expands the possibilities for outdoor cooking,” says Uyeda, founder of the Web-based design firm FreeGreen and the DIY décor site HomeMade Modern. “I typically think of grilling as an afternoon or evening activity, but with this I could imagine doing a weekend breakfast or brunch on it.” What he’s most looking forward to? “Fewer dishes to wash!”

 Stok Quattro four-Burner Gas Grill, $300, Target, 617-602-1921, target.com.