Four Secrets for a Well-Lit Room

Follow these tips for thoughtful lighting in any interior space.

The Hanover Inn, with lighting by Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting

Since lighting can make or break even the most thoughtfully decorated interiors, we asked Josh Feinstein of Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting how to design a well-lit room. Here, he shares his favorite tips.

1. Decide What You Need First- “Before you start, consider the amount of ambient light (general fill-light that illuminates an entire space) and focal light (light that highlights a focal point, like artwork) your room needs,” says Feinstein. Choose ambient lighting that illuminates the walls, and not the floors—it makes the room brighter and more alive. Choose track lighting, recess lighting or fixtures for a room’s main focal points.”

2. See it in person- “See a fixture in person to be sure of the kind of light it will add to your space. Consider the brightness and glare, and look at possible reflections that could come from the glass.”

3. Create Zones- “Break rooms up into zones by adding fixtures to different light switches and dimmers—you’ll want to be able to stagger lighting and create different moods.”

4. Use Dimmers- “Everything should be able to be dimmed. It’s especially important to have lower light in the evening, while white light is needed in the beginning of the day. Dimmers create functional light throughout the day.”