Five Brilliant Built-Ins

It's January and it's time to get organized.

It’s true that adding custom cabinetry and shelving to your home takes more of a commitment than a regular stop at The Container Store, but for organization that fits your lifestyle and makes the most of your space, it can be the best solution. If you’re considering built-in shelving, design with the help of an expert and gather as many ideas as you can because “custom” means that (almost) anything is possible.

For inspiration, here are five smart built-in spaces with tips you may not have considered:

1. Be Smart About Corners

In a kitchen by Kristina Crestin Design, there’s no wasted space and no risk of drawers colliding.

Photo provided by Kristina Crestin Design


2. Add Interest to Cabinet Doors

This bedroom closet built-in by Theodore & Company has varied detailing for added interest.

Photo provided.

Photo provided by Theodore & Company.


3. Build in the Center of the Wall

By Kristen Rivoli Interior Design, this center-wall entertainment unit is painted to stand out.


4. Use the Entire Space

The space above the mantle can be under utilized, but in a living room by LeBlanc Designs hearthside shelving is connected over the fireplace.

Photo provided by LeBlanc Design.


5. Build to Blend

In a sophisticated space by Charles Spada, glass-front cabinets are painted a crisp white to match the walls and molding.

Photo provided.

Photo by Craig Davis. Provided by Charles Spada.