Plagued by (Spatial) Problems?

Interior designer Kristina Crestin has solutions.

kristina crestin

Photograph courtesy of Kristina Crestin

You’ve got: An entryway table strewn with weeks-old mail, takeout menus, and someone’s number scrawled on a napkin.
Solution: Hang a mirror with a ledge next to your door instead. It’ll simultaneously make the space seem bigger while limiting the surface area on which to stash your crap.

You’ve got: Laundry quarters everywhere.
Solution: Embrace entropy, or at least give your change a home, by investing in a modern piggy bank from the ICA.

You’ve got: Wandering kitchen utensils.
Solution: You could stow your wares in any old container, but local ceramicist Jill Rosenwald makes vessels too beautiful to ignore.