Sault of the Earth

South End shop owner and curator Philip Saul finds inspiration in local art, regional style, and, of course, a well-groomed beard.

philip saul

Philip Saul sits in his carefully curated South End storefront. / Photograph by Leonard Greco

Style arbiter Philip Saul is a New Englander at heart—you can tell when you look at him. Always in a fresh button-up shirt, his sleeves are rolled up to reveal a wrist full of layered nautical rope-cord bracelets. Great style is all in the details, and Saul has it figured out. After beginning his career in fashion as a district merchandiser for Urban Outfitters, Saul moved to Boston in 2001 and says he fell in love with his new home quickly. “I opened Sault New England to celebrate the diverse and ever-evolving history of men’s fashion in New England,” he says. Sault has curated all the things the stylish New England man needs: classic polos, Jack Purcell sneakers by Converse, beard oil, and natural skin-care lines. The rustic-meets-preppy shop is Saul’s homage to the region he loves—it allows him to juxtapose trends in high fashion with the classic and clean-cut look that New England is known for. His fashion tips for this summer? “I’m feeling all shades of blue—indigo, navy, and everything in between.

The trend for spring and summer is blue tones with pops of color.” Here, one of Boston’s most effortlessly stylish men shares some of the things that inspire him:


photographs by leonard greco (saul); toan trinh (cape cod modern; gq); courtesy of don gorvett (Harbor Fantasy—Reduction Woodcut, 2006)

On File

What I’m Reading

Carsick, by John Waters. It’s a group of short stories about hitchhiking across America and his insane adventures. It’s Waters at his best.”

What I’m Eating

“I really like to cook when I have the time. My go-to dish is roasted chicken with herbs and lemon. A favorite guilty pleasure is making peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwiches with chunky organic peanut butter.”

What I’m Drinking

“Iced coffee with lots of sugar and a splash of milk—even in the middle of winter. I’ve got a few local spots in the South End I hit up, like the South End Buttery, Flour, and my favorite is the Wholy Grain. They also have a great s­election of sweets. The six-layer magic bar is a must!”

What I’m Wearing

“I own a men’s clothing store, so what I sell is what I wear. I have always had a more casual, relaxed look. Staples in my wardrobe are ­button-down shirts—plaid or solid—with the sleeves rolled up—always. Also, my favorite raw denim jeans with just the right amount of wear and tear.”