Something Blue

Interior designer Stephanie Rossi, of Spazio Rosso, discusses how she took this Weston parlor from dated to dynamic.

spazio rosso parlor makeover

Photograph by Sean Litchfield

“We designed this parlor to feel approachable and comfortable, but also luxurious and playful. It’s where my client goes to sit and read to her youngest son, curl up in a chair near the fire, or have guests over for a glass of wine.

The walls were originally painted a blue-green, which didn’t feel very current. Because the room is always in shadow and my client wanted a cozy space to relax, we decided to finish the walls in a deep, high-gloss blue.

For a touch of color, the Romo plaid pillow had it all. Of course, plaid can accomplish many things. In this case, we wanted it to add a splash of fun. If you look closely, you can see where the red overlaps the blue in the pattern, creating a purple, which complements the wall color.

The original fireplace, mantel, and surround were too small for the size of the room. I designed a new mantel using large pieces of crown molding, raised the height, and installed a new gas insert.

The green mirror was sort of the random element. Originally, we were thinking of doing more of a teal; I eventually said no to that because teal has more blue in it, and may have looked muddy against the blue wall. So Kelly green worked best. When I’m designing, I’m always running through the color wheel in my head.” —As told to Karen Morales

Designer Spazio Rosso
Contractor JDM Contracting
Wallpaper Installer James W. Ray Wallpapering
Drapery Fabricator Charlene Todd
Custom Upholster Partners in Design
Painter Tony Gaudet, Living Color Painting
Chairs The Bright Group