The Provincetown Apartment to Rent This Fall

It's in the center of town above award-winning local restaurant, The Canteen.


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Location: In the center of Provincetownon Commercial Street above favorite local restaurant, The Canteen.
Sleeps: 4
Price: $135 per night
Provincetown is well known as a summer destination, but with less-crowed walkways, seasonal restaurant menus, and Truro Vineyard nearby, it’s one of our favorite places for a fall getaway. With plenty of upcoming events on the town calendar, and Women’s Week scheduled for October 12-18, staying in town is a great way to take it all in.

This rental apartment sits squarely above The Canteen, a restaurant known for local fare and a laid-back vibe. It also backs up to the beach, for a best-of-both-worlds way to experience the town. The building is 150 years old—it’s been home to a rope maker’s workshop, an auto mechanic’s garage, a flower shop, an antique store, and a cheese market. Inside, find a relaxed, summer camp-like atmosphere, with grey plank flooring, eclectic seating, and whimsical additions, like a hammock and dart board. The kitchen, while lacking a traditional stove and sink, has the necessary amenities for simple meals. With two double beds, the home sleeps four. A large furnished deck overlooking Commercial Street is a highlight of the property.

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