The Best Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Boston

Here's where to find the most candy this year.


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To help you and your kids capitalize on Halloween, Zillow compiled a list of the best cities and neighborhoods for trick-or-treating, in other words, where you can get the most candy on the safest streets. The findings are based on home values, crime rates, population density, and whether or not a neighborhood can be easily navigated by foot. In the 2014 rankings, Boston came in as the seventh best overall national city for the holiday tradition, and as far as east coast cities go, the only place that ranked higher was Philadelphia, which came in third.

Below, check out the breakdown of Zillow’s top five Boston neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. Happy candy hunting!

5. The North End

It’s Boston’s oldest neighborhood, and with narrow streets, old graveyards, and seasoned eateries, it’s a great place to spend the holiday. You can add to your loot collection with a box full of Italian pastries, or stop by Haymarket’s Boston Public Market for some famous apple cider doughnuts.

4. The Back Bay

With its grand historic homes, the Back Bay is pedestrian friendly and easy to navigate. Wind down Marlborough, Clarendon, and Dartmouth Streets, and take the little ones over to Clarendon Street Playground for the annual Halloween celebration.

3. Charlestown

Near Boston Harbor and the Mystic River, the neighborhood is home to some popular tourist attractions. Walk the Freedom Trail to the Bunker Hill Monument, or stop by the USS Constitution. There’s an annual parade at Monument Square, and residents are known to be generous with candy.

2. West Roxbury

West Roxbury has lots of green space and residential streets with minimal traffic. Try visiting Lagrange and Corey Streets, just off of busy Centre Street. Also in the spirit, it was once home to an experimental Utopian community that attracted famous writers like Ralph Waldo Emerson.

1. Beacon Hill

This number one place for trick-or-treating is reasonably quiet and known for its seasonal decorations. While some of its slopes may prove a bit tricky in bad weather, you could score an extra-large candy bar from one of the townhouses. If you hadn’t already planned on venturing past Mount Vernon and Pickney Streets, try your luck on Revere and Chestnut Streets.