The Ultimate Outdoor Accessory for Halloween

Because everyone on the block has a pumpkin.


Fireball via Studio Vlock

Want to stand out and trump your neighbor’s haunted house this year? A gigantic blazing fireball should set your lot apart.

Designed by architect and artist Sandra Vlock in Stony Creek, Connecticut, these hand-crafted sculptures are individually commissioned and made of weather-worn antique mooring balls—an ideal focal point and gathering spot for any time of year, but especially dramatic against the fall sky.

Five-feet wide and over 300-pounds at their largest, fireballs are wood burning and can also be custom fit for a propane burner assembly. They’re sculptural by day, but when lit at night, Vlock’s artistic patterns glow through plasma-cut steel.

Among the more than a dozen steps, Vlock works with Connecticut-based metal fabricators to cut the final design. A secret door above a steel grate floor allows for firewood loading and clean out, and kindling can be added through planned openings in the design.

 Custom fireballs come in three sizes: 58-inch, 40-inch and 28-inch diameter. Pricing begins at $7,000 dollars.


Fireball via Studio Vlock