Design Finds: Striking Decor

These vintage-inspired match strikers are hot.


Match strikers from Jonathan Adler, Aerin, and Lucy Cope Limited. Photos provided

Match strikers were once an everyday staple, used to light stoves and candles, and needed when smoking was more common. While some held matchbooks, others kept matches and provided a surface for lighting. Vintage pieces can still be found, and many designers, like Jonathan Adler and Aerin Lauder, have their own take on the accessory, adding whimsy and polish to bring the tradition back.

Unless otherwise specified, use strike-anywhere matches against the frictional surface of the match striker. Here are five of our favorite pieces.


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1. A round cast iron match striker, $69,


Photo via Jonathan Adler

2. A mohawk match srtriker, $42, Jonathan Adler.


Photo via Arein

3. A brass tapered cone match striker, $190, Aerin.


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4. A hand-blown glass match striker, Lucy Cope Limited.


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5. A painted porcelain match striker, $100, The Clay Studio.