Crate and Bottle

The region’s finest restaurants have plenty to teach us about interior design. Here, we take a closer look at BISq, the new Peruvian-inspired wine bar from Keith Pooler and Servio ­Garcia.


Photograph by Nina Gallant


Photograph by Nina Gallant

1. In a sea of downlights, a few massive glass globes create focal points.

2. Black ceilings seem to disappear, giving the room the illusion of more height.

3. A simple soffit outfitted with downlights creates intimacy in large spaces.

4. For texture, drywall some, not all, of your exposed brick; paint it white; and then wash it with cove light.

5. Wood grains are often the unsung heroes of minimalist spaces, used to great effect here.

6. The idiosyncracies of wood also invigorate the floor plane, especially in lowlight conditions.

7. While metal chairs may have an industrial vibe, they look terrific in loftlike spaces.


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