A New Living Wall Completes a Cambridge Building

Fuse Cambridge has a green way to welcome residents and combat winter blues.


Photo courtesy of Fuse Cambridge

Fuse Cambridge is taking its efforts for green design to the next level with a newly installed collection of wall-mounted plants that’s designed to turn heads and promote healthy living.

The 244-unit building is already environmentally focused, with energy efficient appliances and views of the Alewife Brook Reservation, and the new living wall is a thoughtful connection between the lobby and community spaces.

Cityscapes, which specializes in green wall installations in the Boston area, designed and installed the wall.

The wall took five days to complete, including plant selection, installation of a special holding rack, the addition of speciality lighting, and finally, planting.

To create the wall and keep it thriving, plants were secured in 4 inch diameter pots with room to grow. They’re hand watered and rotated regularly by horticulturalists. A variety of plants are part of the wall, including Austral Gem Fern, Philodendron, Jade, Fittonia, and others. Plants are grouped together by type for visual impact.

In addition to serving as Fuse Cambridge’s newest focal point, building representatives are also positive about the health benefits of the living wall. Similar biophilic designs have been shown to help with air filtration, sound insulation, stress reduction, and thermal regulation, and exposure to green plants can be mood-lifting during shorter winter days.