An Artisan Flea Market Is Coming to Allston

It’s at POP Allston, a relatively new community space on Brighton Ave.

Photo courtesy of Justin Pomerleau

Photo courtesy of Justin Pomerleau

“All are welcome who welcome all” is the motto for a flea market gracing the POP Allston community space on February 20.

The collective’s first flea market will host a colorful combination of vendors selling just about everything: jewelry, ceramics, paintings, baubles, glassware, greeting cards, and all types of vintage wares.

Justin Pomerleau created the flea market and several other events that have been organized by POP Allston, Oliver Best Vintage Market, and Vivant Vintage.

“As Boston gentrifies, it’s becoming harder and harder for young entrepreneurs to pursue their budding businesses,” he says. “I’ve created these events to preserve the subcultures that exist in Boston.”

Pomerleau, the founder of Oliver Best Vintage Market, is also the owner of the shop Vivant Vintage in Allston and the creator of the Traveling Spectacular, a circus-style antique-selling group of vendors that sets up at places like the Brimfield Antique Fair. Pomerleau founded Oliver Best with the hope of bringing an eclectic mix of vendors to the Allston community, and launched the business with POP Allston last year.

He’s inviting more than 40 artists, makers, small businesses, and distributors to set up shop at the flea market.

Saturday, February 20, 12 p.m.-7 p.m., POP Allston, 89 Brighton Ave., Allston,