Pastoral Palette: Spring Fabrics for the Home

From classic botanical prints to vibrant solids and stripes, these fabrics—photographed among the fields and paddocks of Holliston’s Ridgetop Farm—will bring a breath of fresh air to your home.

Produced by Kara Butterfield
Location Photography by Mark Hartman
Studio Photography by Francine Zaslow


spring fabrics horses

Photograph by Mark Hartman

Fabrics, from left: Villa Nova “Ashdown Ink” cotton-viscose textile and Romo “Dante” cotton-viscose textile, both Romo Group; Soleil Bleu “Balbec” cotton-silk textile, Webster & Company; Old World Weavers “Taos” cotton-rayon textile, Stark; “Magnolia” polyester-nylon upholstery textile, Knoll; Pasha Fabrics “Ebru” cotton textile, Osborne & Little; Mark Alexander “Zulu” silk-wool textile, Romo “Tremont” viscose-cotton textile, and Zinc Textile “Bellisario” linen-viscose textile, all Romo Group.

On horse: Zinc Textile “Alexis” viscose-polyester textile and Black Edition “Mariinsky” viscose-silk textile, both Romo Group.

Tassels, from left: Houles “Ioko” polyester tassel tieback, Houles “Fleurs de Lin” linen-cotton tassel tieback, and Houles “Neox” cord tieback, all Stark.

Basket: “French Country” fireplace basket, Hudson.


spring fabrics horses 2

Photograph by Mark Hartman

Horse blanket: Nina Campbell “Amazonas” viscose-linen textile, Osborne & Little.

Tassels, from left: Houles “Lily” viscose-cotton tassel tieback and “Royal Palace” cotton-viscose gimped tieback, both Stark.

spring fabrics horses 3

Photograph by Francine Zaslow

Fabrics, from left: Romo “Bayonne” viscose-cotton textile, Romo Group; Westbury “Lausanne” outdoor-polypro textile, Old World Weavers “Persia” viscose-cotton textile, Aldeco “Mapa” polyvinyl chloride textile, and Edmond Petit “Atlas” viscose-silk textile, all Stark; Dupioni silk textile, Oliver Blumgart Designs.


spring fabrics horses 4

Photograph by Mark Hartman

Chair: Manuel Canovas “La Verrerie” linen upholstery textile, Cowtan & Tout.

Pillow: Larsen “Rufus” viscose-cotton textile, Cowtan & Tout.

Pillow trim: Zimman’s.

Blanket: Manuel Canovas “Shetland” wool-polyamide textile, Cowtan & Tout.

Blanket trim: Colefax and Fowler “Pavilion” cotton-silk bullion fringe, Cowtan & Tout.

spring fabrics horses 5

Photograph by Francine Zaslow

spring fabrics horses 6

Photograph by Francine Zaslow

Fabrics, from left: Thibaut “Zara Texture” Sunbrella acrylic, the Martin Group; William Yeoward “Giocanta” viscose-linen textile, Osborne & Little; Larsen “Eternity” linen textile, Manuel Canovas “Kayla” linen-polyester textile, Colefax and Fowler “Erskine Plaid” wool textile, and Larsen “Fletcher” cotton-acrylic textile, all Cowtan & Tout.


spring fabrics horses 7

Photograph by Francine Zaslow

Fabrics, from left: Dupioni silk textile, Oliver Blumgart Designs; Nina Campbell “Benington” linen-cotton textile, Osborne & Little; Soleil Bleu “Sidonia” linen-cotton textile, Webster & Company; Ultrasuede Ambiance polyester textile, Knoll; Old World Weavers “Beaugency” viscose textile, Houles “Garis” Trevira CS drapery textile, and Old World Weavers “Ilario” viscose-polyester textile, all Stark.

Tassel: Houles “Lily” viscose-cotton tassel tieback, Stark.

Basket: Vintage linge laundry basket, Hudson.

spring fabrics horses 8

Photograph by Mark Hartman


spring fabrics horses 9

Photograph by Francine Zaslow

Fabrics, from left: Old World Weavers “Aspide II” silk textile, Stark; No. 9 Thompson “Enter the Dragons” linen textile and Etamine “Gavotte” linen-cotton embroidered textile, both Webster & Company; Sultan “Akoya” polyester-silk textile, Osborne & Little; Rose Cummings for Dessin Fournir “Florentine” cotton-silk textile, the Martin Group; Holly Hunt Leather “Jet Set” textile, Webster & Company; Villa Nova “Folium” viscose-polyester textile, Romo Group; Holly Hunt Leather “Jet Set” textile and Dedar “Maestoso” silk textile, both Webster & Company.

Pillows: Larsen “Eastgate” cotton-linen textile, Cowtan & Tout; Jim Thompson “Isan” silk-linen textile, Webster & Company; KT Collection “Hourglass” polyester-nylon upholstery textile, Knoll.

Chair: Black Edition “Pleasure Gardens” linen textile, Romo Group.

spring fabrics horses 10

Photograph by Mark Hartman

Photographed on location at Ridgetop Farm
Upholstery by Crimson Upholstering Co.
Leather equestrian accessories provided by Hermès