Get This: The ‘Fuera’ Bird Feeder and Bath from Blomus

Everybirdy will like it.


Blomus ‘Fuera’ bird feeder and bath, $139, Lekker Home. / Photograph courtesy of Blomus

New England’s human denizens aren’t the only ones eagerly awaiting pool season right about now—the sparrows and swallows who’ll be gracing our yards this spring are ready for a relaxing dip, too. Be the consummate host to our fine-feathered friends with the “Fuera,” a dual-purpose hardwood-and-stainless-steel bird feeder and bath from German design company Blomus. Fill it with water during the warmer months for avian bathers, then keep the party going all winter long, as the piece converts to a feeder with a weather-guard top to ward off soggy birdseed.

Lekker Home, 1313 Washington St., Boston, 617-542-6464,