Do Condos Under $150,000 Exist in Boston?

In a word, yes.

condos under 150k boston

68 Norfolk Street and 130 Delhi Street photos via Compass and Estately

When searching for housing in the city, reasonable rates are hard to come by. Even small condos carry huge price tags, making it seemingly impossible to own an affordable abode.

Research and data startup NeighborhoodX is here to prove you wrong. It’s compiled a list (albeit a short one) of cheap condos in Boston. These unicorn condos are all priced at $150,000 and under, with one income-restricted property.

NeighborhoodX founder Constantine Valhouli explains there are still a few bargains left in Boston, which is a nice heads-up for first-time buyers who are being priced out of the city’s most recognizable neighborhoods. Most of the condos on the list are clustered in Dorchester, Chelsea, Hyde Park, and Mattapan.

Asking prices range from $129,700 to $150,000, with prices per square foot starting at $167 and rounding off at $278.

See the full analysis below:

condos under 150k

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