Found Art: South End Steeples by Jodie Baehre

Inspired by the cityscape, a painter reinvents her signature style.

jodie baehre south end steeples painting

In search of unique perspectives, Fort Point–based artist Jodie Baehre likes to venture onto Boston’s rooftops with her camera where, she says, the completely different viewpoint showcases the city’s complexity. Baehre then uses her photos as the bases for tightly composed graphic paintings. Her aesthetic is heavily influenced by her training as a graphic and industrial designer and as a printmaker, first at the Rochester Institute of Technology and then at the Art Institute of Boston. This painting, South End Steeples, shows a view from the rooftop of the Colonnade Hotel. Its looser brush strokes and more neutral color palette are departures from Baehre’s typically bold canvases.

South End Steeples, 48 inches by 48 inches, acrylic on canvas,