The Interior Design of Yvonne’s in Downtown Crossing

The region’s finest restaurants have plenty to teach us about interior design. Here, we take a closer look at Yvonne’s, the new Downtown Crossing hot spot by Chris Jamison and Mark Malatesta.

yvonnes interior design

Photograph by Anthony Tieuli

1. Huge mirrors reflect the chandeliers’ sparkle and the illuminated liquor bottles.

2. Ornately carved woodwork evokes the restaurant’s illustrious past.

3. Strategic lighting, including up-lights behind the bar, keeps things bright.

4. Yellow tufted banquettes offer a bold counterpoint to the Victorian palette.

5. Just as in the 19th century, Calacatta marble and mahogany set the stage for evening imbibing.

6. Comfortable upholstered bar chairs in heavy brocade encourage longer sessions.

7. Italian marble mosaics recall historic sites of excess, including Rome and Pompeii.