A Look at Home Prices in Roxbury

For starters, they vary widely.

Roxbury ma

Roxbury building photo via City of Boston Archives on Flickr/Creative Commons

As the city’s neighborhoods continue to reshape and reconfigure in lots of different (and sometimes unwelcome) ways, inevitably, so do housing costs. This isn’t exactly news to anyone, but taking a cold, hard look at price ranges can be surprising.

New analysis from real estate data firm NeighborhoodX laid out the price range for housing in Roxbury. And it’s a wide range—it spans a little over $400 per square foot from most to least expensive.

Topping the list for the most expensive unit in Roxbury is 4 Centre Place #4. The shiny penthouse is going for a cool $536 per square foot, or $399,000 for the one-bedroom overall. Roxbury’s most expensive unit also happens to be pricer than the least expensive unit in the South End, which clocks in at $466 per square foot.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is 107 Brunswick Street. It’s an entire three-family building going for $134 per square foot, or $515,000 total. The average listing price, which excludes foreclosures and properties positioned as development sites, lies at the more affordable end of the range at $262 per square foot.

Wondering where other listings line up? See the full analysis below.

For an interactive version, click here.

For an interactive version, click here.