Here Are the Oldest Houses for Sale Right Now

Unsurprisingly, most of them are located in one of Boston's most well-established neighborhoods.

boston oldest houses for sale

9 Chestnut Street / Photo courtesy of Redfin

Stroll through any neighborhood in or around Boston and you’re bound to see dozens of antique homes.

Houses in New England are just plain old, and plenty of surviving homes in the city are on the market to prove it. While they don’t compare to the James Blake House—Boston’s oldest home circa 1661—there are a few runners up. Real estate data firm NeighborhoodX compiled a list of the oldest houses for sale in the city, and ended up with 11 properties that are more than 150 years old.

Unsurprisingly, many of the homes on the list are located in Beacon Hill, the city’s first historic district. Early residents include John Singleton Copley, Charles Bulfinch, and Harrison Gray Otis, who all lived in grand houses lining the neighborhood’s cobblestone streets.

The oldest house for sale? 209-year-old 125 Mt. Vernon Street. Built in 1807, the home was formerly part of Beacon Hill’s Charles Street Meeting House.

Following the top five oldest homes, which are all in Beacon Hill, is a condo in Commercial Wharf. The unit has been repurposed from the historic waterfront warehouse that was built in 1832. The youngest house on the list was built in 1858 and is situated in Somerville’s Union Square.

All of the homes were built within 51 years of each other. NeighborhoodX founder Constantine Valhouli points out that there are currently no listings for properties from the 1600s or 1700s in Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville.

“But given that the city was established in 1630, it is a sobering reminder that each year there are fewer surviving historic houses that provide a tangible link to the people and events that shaped this city and the history of the nation,” says Valhouli.

Check out the entire list of old houses below.

For an interactive version, click here.

For an interactive version, click here.