Peabody Was Ranked the Most Chivalrous Town in Greater Boston

Apparently, the city spends a lot of money on flowers.

chivalrous flowers

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Chivalry isn’t dead—at least not when it comes to gifting flower bouquets. On the contrary, a few Greater Boston towns were ranked according to their levels of chivalry, and Peabody came out on top.

A new analysis from and apartment-finding platform RentHop crunched some numbers to see which cities and towns spend the most money on flowers and which ones receive the most flowers. The study also looked at the places that tend to buy the most expensive bouquets as well as the towns that receive those pricey packages.

By examining’s order data from August 2014 through July 2016, the RentHop data team calculated Greater Boston’s “flowerage.” Apparently, the people of Peabody drop plenty of pennies on petals. Peabody was the biggest spender, amassing a total of $1,879.34 over the two-year period. Malden followed with $1,629.66 and South Boston after that with $1,486.53. Woburn and Brighton also made the list, hovering in the $1,200 range.

It turns out that the town spending the most money on flowers is also the town that receives the most flowers. In a list of five zip codes ranked by total flowers received, Peabody reveled in $2,060.60 worth of petals. The Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood came in second with a considerably smaller total of $1,750.12, followed by Woburn, Malden, and Medford.

It’s perhaps a surprise to no one that Back Bay earned the title of the biggest spender. According to the data, there were five neighborhoods that had a tendency to splurge on their orders. Back Bay racked up an average bill of $102.98. On the other hand, the town receiving the most expensive bouquets was Littleton.

See how the priciest packages line up below.

The Top Five Zip Codes Racking Up the Largest Average Orders

  1. 02199: Back Bay – Average order of $102.98
  2. 01460: Littleton – Average order of $89.15
  3. 01940: Lynnfield – Average order of $87.50
  4. 02110: Financial District – Average order of $85.47
  5. 01830 Haverhill – Average order of $77.50

The Top Five Zip Codes Receiving the Largest Average Orders

  1. 01460: Littleton – Average order of $95.08
  2. 01754: Maynard – Average order of $89.98
  3. 01850: Lowell – Average order of $87.98
  4. 01463: Pepperell – Average order of $77.88
  5. 02343: Holbrook – Average order of $74.62

Will these numbers force single Bostonians outside of the city? Sure, Littleton’s population doesn’t even break 9,000, but it seems the people who live there enjoy fancy flowers. Or, if you’re looking for a town to settle down in, Peabody could be a charming and chivalrous choice.