Fitting Flowers for Your Open House

Own a colonial? Try dahlias. A modern loft? Consider calla lilies.

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To take an open house to the next level, most real estate agents recommend picking out some fresh flowers. They instantly spruce up a room—plus, their pleasant scents allow for prospective buyers to picture themselves at home.

The style of floral arrangement, though, is an often overlooked decision. A formal-looking bouquet of roses may look out of place in a rustic country kitchen. The same goes for delicate peonies in an industrial loft. Some floral arrangements are best suited for certain environments, so we consulted Winston Flowers co-owner David Winston for his expertise. He suggested five different bouquets for five different types of New England homes.

winston flowers

The Dahlia Radiance / Photo courtesy of Winston Flowers

The Traditional Cape or Colonial

A classic New England home calls for a classic New England flower. Sourced from Ferjulian Farms in Hudson, the dahlias in Winston’s Dahlia Radiance bouquet are fresh and vibrant during September and October. Since it’s full of a broad palette of bright colors, Winston explains the arrangement can be placed in a variety of rooms in the house.

winston flowers

The Calla Simplicity / Photo courtesy of Winston Flowers

The Ultra-Modern Loft

The open and clean feel of a loft shouldn’t be cluttered with a busy arrangement. Winston highlights his Calla Simplicity arrangement as a “modern work of art.” The contemporary-looking combination offers miniature calla lilies, lysemachia spires, fresh sedum, tangles of kiwi vine.

“We don’t want the arrangement to overwhelm the dramatic space, but rather simply and subtly complement it,” says Winston. “And since lofts often use white as their neutral coloring, the calla lilies pop when they are surrounded by these types of greens.”

Plus, he says the addition of rosemary gives a room both an elegant and homey touch.

winston flowers

The Garden Opulence / Photo courtesy of Winston Flowers

The Downtown High-Rise

Enter a unit in one of the many new towering complexes downtown, and a panoramic view of the city unfolds outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“When you are encountering views and designs that offer a ‘wow’ the moment you walk into an open house, we recommend designing florals that do the exact same,” says Winston.

The sophisticated Garden Opulence arrangement will do the trick. The creamy white bouquet has white orchids, dahlias, and cream roses. Texture is added with a bit of millet, dusty miller, gardenia foliage, and billows of Dutch hydrangea.

winston flowers

The Burgundy Splendor / Photo courtesy of Winston Flowers

The Back Bay Brownstone

The Burgundy Splendor bouquet is anchored with red orchids and black dahlias, and is accented by antique hydrangeas, flowering oregano, chocolate geraniums, cut succulents, and a few fillers. The rich colors and textures in this arrangement are a perfect match for the stately homes lining Commonwealth Avenue and Beacon Street. Winston says it’s a welcoming piece that’s suitable for an entryway, foyer, or dining room table.

“It conveys a sophisticated design balanced with a sense of ‘you’re welcome here,'” he says.

winston flowers

The Garden Rose Luxe / Photo courtesy of Winston Flowers

The Luxury Estate

Meant to mimic the luscious gardens of a country estate, the Garden Rose Luxe is just what it sounds like: a luxurious, rose-filled piece. It has seven different varieties of roses sourced from California and Holland. They’re intertwined with passion vine and chocolate geranium in a low white bowl.

Winston suggests placing them in a garden, terrace, or even a roof deck.

“Also, don’t overlook staging with flowers in an outdoor space,” says Winston. “Often prospective buyers are looking at more than just what’s inside a luxurious estate in the suburbs or a downtown condo—they want to know what’s available for outdoor space.”