Newton Was Named One of the Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Out of 50 cities, our suburb to the west clocked in at number 31.

newton ma

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Congrats, Newton, on coming in 31st place.

In Money’s annual “Best Places to Live in America” report, our fair suburb to the west was ranked number 31 on the list of 50 U.S. towns. Only 30 other cities come between Newton and the country’s truly best place to live: Columbia, Maryland, which nabbed the number one spot.

Is there room for improvement? Sure. But Money notes Newton’s strengths lie in its schools system, number of jobs, racial diversity, and cultural activities. The report pegs Newton’s commute time at a mere 24 minutes, adding, “It’s an ideal place for those who work in Boston, just seven miles away, to which it’s connected by bus, train and light rail lines.”

While 24 minutes into the city is surely a generous estimate, the report does have a kicker: prices. With a sky-high cost of living and a median home price of $920,000, the dollar signs prove to be above average compared to other mid-sized cities.

After Money analyzed more than 800 towns across the country considering factors like taxes, education, healthcare, and jobs, Newton happened to beat out places such as balmy Koolaupoko, Hawaii, and oh-so-wealthy Greenwich, Connecticut.

The finance news publication also ranked Boston as one of the best places to be rich and single, and was named the best big city to live in the Northeast. The city fared a little better than 31st place—we came in at number four, topped only by LA, D.C., and NYC.