Here Are the Smallest Cottages for Sale on Cape Cod Right Now

The Cape is home to quite a few tiny houses.

cape cod tiny houses

3298 State Highway #1, Eastham / Photo courtesy of NextHome Freitas Realty Group

A 240-square-foot dwelling is almost unbearably small. Stick it on the beach and slap the label “tiny house” on it, and you’ve got yourself some trendy turf. But with trends come dollar signs, which is why real estate data firm NeighborhoodX compiled a list of the tiniest living quarters on and around Cape Cod. Unsurprisingly, the list consists of 10 puny and pricey pads.

“Cape Cod is home to a significant cluster of tiny residences—from purpose-built tiny houses, to adapted ones like converted garages and carriage houses,” explains NeighborhoodX founder Constantine Valhouli.

To get a look at how much they cost, the report excluded seasonal residences, land-lease properties, and properties positioned as development sites.

The tiniest house of all can be found in Marion. The 240-square foot space came in first place, while the largest property, in Plymouth, sizes up to be 460 square feet. Surprisingly, the Plymouth property has the lowest asking price: $105,000. The most expensive tiny house is in Hyannisport and asks $795,000, though its expansion potential signals the jump in price.

The homes range from about $200 per square foot to a little over $1,000 per square foot, and some of them line up with housing prices in Boston. 42 Eel River Road in Falmouth asks $991 per square foot, which is on par with Boston’s waterfront homes asking $915 per square foot.

Wondering where all of the tiny houses line up? See for yourself below or check out an interactive chart here.

See an interactive version here.

See an interactive version here.