Hyde Park Is Almost Two Times Cheaper Than Jamaica Plain

Time for a move, maybe?

The average listing price in Hyde Park is $269 per square foot. That number doesn’t make you cringe as dramatically as some other neighborhood averages—but just how much cheaper is Hyde Park than other parts of Boston? Well, almost two times cheaper, according to real estate data firm NeighborhoodX.

In comparison to the asking prices from NeighborhoodX’s September report on Jamaica Plain, JP’s average listing price comes out to $441 per square foot. That’s 1.64 times more than Hyde Park’s. Consider, too, that Hyde Park’s price range starts at $94 per square foot and tops off at $413 per square foot. JP, on the other hand, ranges from $366 to $609 per square foot.

Hyde Park’s cheapest price per square foot ($94) can be found at 1391 Hyde Park Avenue, Unit H. It boasts one of the lowest prices per square foot in Boston, and it’s pretty spacious. The one-bedroom loft asks $145,000 for 1,538 square feet. JP’s cheapest unit is a bit different—at $366 per square foot (which is almost four times more expensive than Hyde Park’s least expensive listing), the condo near Stony Brook offers three bedrooms in a classic three decker.

Wondering how the prices line up between the hometown of the late Mayor Menino and the “Eden of America“? Check out the graphs below.