Soften Up with Diseño’s Patagonia Sheepskin Stools

This cozy fur will add warmth to your décor this season.

Photo provided by Diseno

Photo provided by Diseno

Have you ever seen a beautiful piece of furniture abroad and wanted to buy it, only to realize it’d be an ordeal to transport back home? Thanks to the South End’s Diseño, you can bring the beautiful colors, shapes, and designs of South America into your home—minus the round trip air fare. A favorite from the contemporary furniture and decor store is this line of cozy, authentic, and durable Patagonia sheepskin stools.

The cushy stools come in a short, five-legged model and a taller, three-legged countertop version. They can be custom-ordered in white, black, beige, or bright red, adding a lush accent to a variety of color palettes.

The stools come in pairs, and can function as top-notch footstools, extra seating in a family room, or even as statement pieces in a bedroom. With a warm and stylish feel, these plush pieces instantly soften a room.

“We find that people are strongly drawn to the stools, they are comfortable as well as good looking,” said Diseño’s owner and founder, Frank Campanale. “The Patagonia stool is sturdy, sculptural and stylish, all at the same time. I like the animated look, too.”

Hand-crafted in Argentina, they are shipped directly to Diseño’s South End store. Each stool is hand-carved out of lenga wood, native to the Patagonia region of Argentina. Then, the sheepskins are taken and transformed into different sizes and colors. A carpenter can take up to two weeks to create just one stool. 

“[Diseño is] inspired by my travels in Latin America, with its rich design, art, music, food, culture, and roots,” says Campanale. “This is a region rich in design history and I have traveled the region extensively in search of the finest reflection of this history of design and craftsmanship, along with the finest raw materials.”

The Patagonia sheepskin stool is available at Diseño Boston, 460B Harrison Avenue,