Jenny Slate and Her Father Wrote a Book About Their House in Milton

She grew up in a grand colonial built in 1898.

about the house

Image provided by Concord Free Press

Jenny Slate has co-authored another book, but instead of chronicling the life of an anthropomorphic shell, this book tells the story of Slate’s childhood home. Written with her father, essayist and poet Ron Slate, About the House is a collection of stories, poems, and essays about the Slate family’s home in Milton.

The grand, yellowish colonial was built in 1898 and is definitely haunted by the ghost of a sea captain. Ghost stories aside, the house’s kitchen, bedrooms, garden, and yard inspired the book that’s filled with memories, quirks, and confessions. It offers a look at Jenny’s upbringing, early comedic talents, and messy tendencies, among other family stories.

The Slates wrote the book to inspire kindness—to get your hands on a copy, all you have to do is donate to your favorite charity. About the House was published by Concord Free Press, which has a bit of an unusual business model. Instead of charging for books, Concord Free Press gives them to readers for free, and in return, asks for a donation to a charity or cause. Readers pledge to pass along the book to someone else when they’ve finished so the giving can continue.

“We’ve enjoyed the privilege of living in our house for many years,” said the Slates in a statement. “Through this book, we hope to convert our affection for our home into thousands of acts of generosity.”

Concord Free Press is only giving away a limited number of copies. The company will begin releasing 3,000 books on November 10 both online and in independent bookstores.

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