An Abandoned House in JP Has Turned into a Public Art Project

Check it out at the open house this weekend.

public art house jp

Photo courtesy of Avenue of Arts

What once was a tiny, run-down house in Jamaica Plain has turned into an oversized canvas for a group of Boston street artists.

The abandoned home, affectionately called “the little house on Green Street,” was recently purchased by City Realty Group. The real estate brokerage plans to renovate the building, but in the meantime, they’ve lent its exterior to a collaborative of street artists called Avenue of Arts. Now, the formerly mauve-colored home is an explosion of color.

Headed up by artists Michael Baldino and Loey Lyfer, Avenue of the Arts unleashed their creative talents on the residential building, which is dwarfed by the towering brick structure next to it. After more than three weeks of painting murals on the humble abode, they completed the pop-up graffiti project this week. The group is now opening the property’s grounds to the public for tours.

“This is our neighborhood as well,” said Lyfer, who encourages aspiring artists to continue to paint on the home. “And we are proud to be able to change the face of it with art.”

City Realty Group started their philanthropic program called “City Pop”  to support the community and create opportunities for artists in Boston. The brokerage purchased a former glass factory in Jamaica Plain’s Egelston Square to eventually turn into condos. While the building receives its necessary permitting over the next year, the space is being used as an art space called CityPOP Egelston. A group of seven civic-minded artists use the former factory to work, teach, and foster artistic collaboration. Dance lessons, musical performances, art exhibitions, and other events and activities take place at the pop-up space.

City Realty Group doesn’t yet have a plan for the little house on Green Street, but like CityPOP Egelston, the pop-up art will be removed once renovations get underway.

“This project is a continuation of that effort to help bring art to public spaces and we are proud to be part of this collaboration of artists,” said Fred Starikov, managing partner of City Realty Group, in a statement.

Representatives at City Realty say there’s already been an influx of positive feedback about the little house’s new art from residents in the neighborhood, and the project will inform the company’s thinking on what to do next.

The graffiti project open house will take place Saturday, November 17, 12 to 5 p.m., 197 Green St., Jamaica Plain.

public art house jp

Photo courtesy of Avenue of Arts