Here Are the 10 Cheapest Homes for Sale in Somerville

As far as bargains go, there are slim pickings.

cheapest homes somerville

57 Pitman Street #3A, Somerville / Photo courtesy of the Steve Bremis Team

It’s not cheap to live in Somerville. As if you needed further evidence, real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX rounded up the cheapest homes for sale there. The thing is, these properties are not cheap at all.

While looking at affordability in major U.S. cities, NeighborhoodX has been pinpointing the most affordable market-rate properties in Boston’s neighborhoods. The firm took a step outside of the city to look at Somerville. The recent analysis excluded studios, as they aren’t viable as long-term residences, as well as properties that can’t be purchased with conventional financing, rent-controlled units, affordable and age-restricted housing, and listings with incomplete information.

Somerville’s 10 least expensive properties range from $360,000 to $549,000. The cheapest of all is a two-bedroom condo on Lowell Street—at $360,000, it’s about the same price as a medium-sized house in the suburbs. The most expensive is a bright and modern condo on Cobble Hill for $549,000. On a per-square-foot basis, the asking prices range from $391 per square foot to a whopping $1,084 per square foot.

For comparison, Roslindale’s cheapest condo on the market asks in the $135,000 range—so it’s more than half as cheap as Somerville’s least expensive listing. It turns out, Somerville’s least expensive properties aren’t as affordable as you’d think.

Looking for a (rare) bargain of your own? See complete list below.