Half Christmas Trees Are the Newest Decorating Trend, According to Wayfair

The fake trees have been sliced down the center so they can be squeezed into corners.

wayfair christmas tree trend

Photo courtesy of Wayfair

Your annual tree decorating festivities probably go something like this: you set up the Christmas tree, spread its branches, drape lights around it, then adorn it with ornaments. When you’re finished, you push the tree close to the wall.

During that process, you’re faced with a tough decision: which of those beloved handmade ornaments from kindergarten will have to face the wall, not to be seen again for the rest of the season? Some people solve that problem with rotating tree stands. Others, it seems, go for half trees.

According to a new report from Wayfair, half trees, or flat back trees, are the newest trend in holiday decor. The online home goods retailer has seen a 150 percent uptick in sales of half trees year over year. The idea is pretty simple—half trees are faux firs that have been sliced down the center from top to bottom so they can be put against the wall or squeezed into corners. They eliminate the plight of the back-of-the-tree ornaments, and they create more space.

Half trees appear to be ideal for apartment dwellers and those who live in tiny houses, micro units, and other small spaces. The report notes Wayfair has also seen a 300 percent increase in sales of non-green Christmas trees. White, blue, and silver trees lead the pack, though they only come in full-size versions.

Want a half tree to call your own? Wayfair sells them for $48.99 a pop here.

wayfair christmas tree trend

Photos courtesy of Wayfair