All of These Homes for Sale in Massachusetts Were Built in the 1600s

New caretakers are needed for these centuries-old abodes.

houses massachusetts built in 1600s

319 North Street, Hingham / Photo courtesy of Jack Conway Realtor

If you wanted to, you could live in a house that one of the region’s earliest settlers lived in.

New England boasts plenty of houses that date back more than three centuries—almost 100 years before America gained its independence. If you’re one of the brave souls who’s willing to undertake the responsibility of caring for an antique home, you’re in luck. Real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX compiled a list of the 20 oldest houses for sale in Massachusetts.

These homes were built between 1650 and 1696, and range from 320 to 366 years old. This classifies them as First Period houses, meaning they were the first buildings that sprang up in the northern colonies. They were built by the settlers of New England, a thrifty bunch who made use of the region’s plentiful timber. Many wood-frame homes were covered with clapboard and shingles, and featured deeply pitched roofs to minimize rooftop snow piles.

The least expensive abode on the list is a small cape at 20 Kendall Road in Tyngsborough. At $259,900, it makes up for its tiny rooms with a large backyard and garden. The most expensive home asks $2.2 million. The farmhouse turned bed and breakfast at 22-26 John Wise Avenue in Essex offers 18 acres of land.

Check out the complete list below and take your pick.