Peep the Tiniest Homes for Sale in Boston

These pint-sized pads are all less than 500 square feet.

Photo via South End Realty Group

12 Stoneholm Street #307, Fenway / Photo via South End Realty Group

Fancy living in a tiny home? What about a shoebox-like apartment in the Fenway?

In an effort to examine tiny living in Boston, real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX compiled a list of the smallest living quarters in the city, and ended up with 11 puny (and pricey) pads.

The smallest home for sale right now? A 345 square-foot one-bedroom in Central Square. At the other end of the spectrum is 121 Portland Street #606 in the West End, a 496-square-foot one-bedroom. Unsurprisingly, the price tags skew high. The most expensive property is the condo in the West End—it’s going for $605,000. The cheapest place is a studio in Dorchester for $119,900. It needs extensive repairs.

“It’s interesting to see that smaller units like these often command higher prices per square foot than larger units in the same building,” says NeighborhoodX cofounder Constantine Valhouli.

Case in point: a condo at the Intercontinental on the waterfront asks $1,304 per square foot, while a unit in the same building that’s more than six times the price asks $1,270 per square foot. Overall, the per-square-foot range starts at $252 and goes all the way up to $1,304.

Ready to jump on the micro-living trend? Check out the rest of the diminutive dwellings below.