The Cheapest Homes in Quincy Are Refreshingly Affordable

They range from studios to single-family homes.

Photo via Success! Real Estate

1025 Hancock Street Unit 1H / Photo via Success! Real Estate

Home prices in Boston vary pretty widely depending on the neighborhood you’re searching in. The same can be said about the city’s surrounding towns—the cheapest homes in Newton, for example, are quite different from the cheapest homes on the market in Quincy.

Real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX laid out Quincy’s most affordable properties in a new report. While Newton’s benchmark of affordability is $299,900, Quincy’s cheapest homes drop as low as $189,900. It seems Quincy has a range of refreshingly affordable homes, starting at almost $190,000 and topping out at $289,000.

The lease expensive property on the list can be found 1025 Hancock Street. The pint-sized studio is a few minutes’ walk from Quincy Center T station. On the other hand, a condo at 10 Weston Ave asks $100,000 more, but boasts two bedrooms and an updated kitchen.

On a per square foot basis, Quincy’s homes range from $188 to $422 per square foot. Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of NeighborhoodX, explains these numbers are comparable to prices in two Boston neighborhoods: Roslindale and East Boston. Roslindale’s cheapest homes, much like Quincy’s, average at $192 per square foot. Homes nearing the top of Quincy’s list of most affordable homes are comparable to average prices in East Boston, which hover around $415 per square foot.

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