Here’s What Your Money Buys You in Watertown

Some of the most affordable homes hover in the $450,000 range.

watertown ma

31 Ladd Street, Watertown / Photo courtesy of Estately

The next time you find yourself complaining about housing costs in the city, consider peeking at a few of the immediate suburbs. Nearby cities like Watertown offer homes at a range of price points comparable to some of Boston’s most affordable neighborhoods.

A new report from real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX laid out real estate price ranges in Watertown this month. It turns out, a little more than $400,000 can buy a sparkling townhouse, whereas prices north of $600,000 can land a decent two-family building. Single-family homes usually demand upwards of $700,000.

According to the report, on average, homes in Watertown ask $367 per square foot, and span from $258 to $460 per square foot. Some of Watertown’s most affordable homes hover in the $450,000 range, while the most expensive reach beyond $900,000.

“To put Watertown’s prices in terms of Boston neighborhood prices, they fall between the average price in Hyde Park, $261 per square foot, and Brighton, $460 per square foot,” explains Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of NeighborhoodX.

Want a better snapshot of Watertown’s prices during the month of February? Check out the chart below.