This Is How Much Homes Cost Along the Marathon Route

Compared to 75 years ago, prices have appreciated by more than 600 percent.

Boston Marathon

Photo by Jamie Ducharme

As Marathon Monday approaches, supporters and soon-to-be sign holders are scouting the route for the best possible viewing spots. Diehard spectators, though, watch the race from their front yards.

If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the latter group, know that home prices in towns along the Boston Marathon route vary pretty widely. Researchers at visualized average home prices in the towns that make up the 26.2 miles, and found they hit several price points.

The least expensive town of them all is Framingham, with an average price of $360,800. On the other hand, the most expensive town on the route is Newton at $855,700. Boston, surprisingly, falls somewhere in the middle at $634,500.

Analysts sourced data from the most recent American Community Survey to find the prices, then compared them to home sales from 75 years ago. All of the towns’ average prices appreciated by more than 600 percent, with Ashland showing the smallest degree of change, and Framingham showing the largest.

Wondering how all eight towns stack up? See the infographic below.

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Infographic by