These Are the Smallest Homes for Sale in Boston Right Now

Studios and micro-apartments galore.

Photo via Keller Williams Realty

Photo via Keller Williams Realty

Downsizing into smaller living quarters is undeniably trendy—just look at the interest in Boston’s famously tiny skinny house that recently hit the market. At 1,166 square feet, the entire house measures up to the size of an average apartment.

But if you’d like to go even smaller, look no further than a new report from real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX. Researchers compiled a list of the smallest homes for sale in the city, and ended up with 14 puny (and pricey) pads, all less than 500 square feet.

Overall, they range from 293 to 475 square feet, spanning from Bay Village to Dorchester and beyond. The cheapest of all is the 293-square-foot spot in Quincy at $115,000, while the most expensive is an ultra-luxe 437-square-foot studio at the W Residences on Stuart Street. It’s tagged at $610,000.

If that seems outrageous, then shield your eyes from the prices per square foot. “It is important to remember that smaller properties—including studios and micro-apartments—often sell for more on a per-square-foot basis than do larger apartments in the same building or neighborhood,” says Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of NeighborhoodX.

So while saving space is trendy, it’s not exactly cheap. In terms of square feet, the asking prices range from $252 per square foot for a unit in Dorchester to $1,395 per square foot for the fancy studio in the W.

Want to try on living small for size? Check out the tiniest homes for sale in Boston below.