Go See All the Flowering Pink Trees While You Still Can

It's peak bloom for cherry blossom and magnolia trees.

pink trees boston

Photos by vic_nkt, pocketboston and Madeline Bilis on Instagram

If you haven’t yet made time for a leisurely springtime stroll this year, you should hop to it. It’s peak bloom time for Boston’s beloved harbingers of warm weather: pretty pink trees.

Most cherry blossom and magnolia species are donning their best and brightest petals this week—in pink, white, and other hues. They’ll stay this way for about another week or so before they begin to fade.

Where are the best viewing spots, you ask? Make your way down Beacon Street and a few of the other grand Back Bay promenades for optimum Instagramming, then take a breather in the Public Garden. If you’d prefer to stretch out in the grass beside the trees, head to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, where the Prunus (cherry) promenade on the eastern side of the Bradley Rosaceous Collection is a prime spot to settle.

And if April showers prevent you from peeping Boston’s peak bloom, have no fear. Crabapple trees’ peak bloom, which typically occurs in May, is just around the corner.

Here’s some inspiration already blossoming on Instagram:

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