These 12 Greater Boston Homes Ask Less Than $200,000

There are still bargains to be found in places like Quincy, Chelsea, and Malden.

Photo via LionPride Realty

1111 Blue Hill Avenue #3 / Photo via LionPride Realty

Just because you can’t afford to live in a posh South End brownstone, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy your own home within commuting distance to the city. Boston is one of the priciest real estate markets in the country, but if you look just beyond it, you’ll find there are still a few bargains kicking around.

“When people say, ‘I’m priced out of Boston,‘ what they actually mean is that they are priced out of the familiar neighborhoods,” says Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX. “There are still bargains to be found in and around Boston.”

NeighborhoodX researchers took a look at the Greater Boston real estate market, and after crunching the numbers, identified 12 homes for sale asking less than $200,000. The properties are market-rate, which means foreclosures, short-sales, and income-restricted properties are excluded, and are generally pretty tiny.

Five of those properties are within city limits—they’re concentrated in Mattapan with a few outliers in Roxbury and Roslindale. But the majority of affordable properties under $200,000 are clustered in Quincy, Chelsea, and Malden.

The least expensive of all is a 270-square-foot condo in Malden. The home at 69 Bell Rock Street asks $140,000. “Highlighting the importance of metrics, the lowest-priced properties by asking price were some of the highest priced on a per-square-foot basis,” explains Valhouli. “The $140,000 270-square-foot studio in Malden was actually the most expensive on a per-square-foot basis,” at $518 per square foot, he says.

While most of the properties on the list are condos, there are two single-family homes. The only catch? They’re fixer-uppers.

Check out the rest of the affordable spots in the chart below.