Here’s How Much It Costs to Live Near the Beach in Greater Boston

Coastal living can be affordable in places like Quincy and Dorchester.

3 Brinsley Street, Quincy / Photo courtesy of NeighborhoodX

How would you like to buy a moderately affordable house near the beach and close to the city? It sounds far-fetched until you find out it’s not—most folks don’t realize, for example, that Quincy has almost 26 miles of coastline. Dorchester, too, has its fair share of seaside abodes, and freshwater ponds dotting the suburbs offer hidden retreats within commuting distance to Boston.

To pull back the curtain on these undiscovered coastal homes, real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX explored purchasing prices across beach neighborhoods in Greater Boston. Specifically, analysts researched Dorchester’s Savin Hill and Malibu beaches, Quincy’s winding shoreline, and Arlington’s Spy Pond.

“With all of the focus on the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, it is easy to forget that there are beach neighborhoods within and immediately around Boston,” explains Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of NeighborhoodX.

Asking prices in these areas range from $194,900 to $1.2 million and on a per-square-foot basis, from $193 to $569. The cheapest home on the list is on Stoughton Street in Quincy. It sizes up to 920 square feet and offers two bedrooms. On the other end of the spectrum is a beachfront property near Quincy’s Adam’s Shore. The oversized English cottage at 3 Crabtree Road and the quaint dwelling at 3 Brinsley Street in Quincy are not to be missed—they boast ocean views and plenty of breathing room.

Want to live in the best of both worlds? Check out the complete list of beachside homes for sale below.