Linda de Valpine’s Favorite Things

The shop owner brings impeccable design to Newton.

Linda de Valpine

Photograph by Joyelle West, hair and makeup by Laura Dillon

After spending more than 20 years in retail management and merchandising for such high-end companies as Henri Bendel and Neiman Marcus, Linda de Valpine was ready to step into a different role: “Having been a buyer for much of my career, I always wanted the opportunity to set the tone for a shop and to make all purchasing and business decisions,” she says. That dream came to fruition in 2014 when she opened Greentail Table, in Newton. Focusing on tabletop goods (think: high-quality dinnerware and hostess gifts), de Valpine stocks the birch shelves of her Scandinavian-inspired boutique with everything from Ekelund kitchen towels to Tandem Ceramics demitasse cups made locally in western Massachusetts. “The overall aesthetic is simple, clean, and modern, but not austere,” she says. The result is an open, inviting space with a range of price points. “Good design should be accessible to everyone,” de Valpine says. Here, she shares some of her favorite things.

Courtesy Photo

Erin Flett and Fiona Howard Textiles

These Scandi-inspired textiles have happy colors and simple designs.

Courtesy Photo

Mission Grove “Madagascar Vanilla” Perfume Oil

I love the cedarwood notes in this perfume oil, which I use both as a personal fragrance and as my own daily aromatherapy.

Courtesy Photo

Muji “Aroma” Diffusers

I’m delighted that we finally have a Muji store in Boston. I’m totally in love with their diffusers; the scents are so clean and fresh. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m partial to geranium.

Courtesy Photo

Frye “Naomi” Leather Shoulder Bag

I am obsessed with orange leather handbags and am particularly fond of this one!

Photograph by Dara Cheek

Hieropice “Botanical” Magnets

I love most things in miniature form, so I absolutely adore these magnets.

Courtesy Photo

Eightmood “Andersson” Rocking Fruit Bowl

Eightmood is a new Swedish vendor for the shop. I love that this metal fruit bowl can be functional or purely decorative.


What I’m Reading
Ann Fessler’s The Girls Who Went Away, about women who gave up their children for adoption from 1945 to 1973. As an adoptee from this period, it’s a relevant and very compelling read.

What I’m Watching
Season 3 of Chef’s Table, which I watch with my husband and son. The cinematography and the in-depth focus on the philosophy and food are amazing.

What I’m Eating
I cannot get enough of the bibimbap at Meju, in Somerville, served with crispy purple rice in a stone bowl. Perfection.

What I’m Wearing
I’m loving my Native “Chukka” boots. They’re comfortable and lightweight, as well as fun and stylish.

What I’m Listening To
At the store I listen to about nine hours of music a day, so variety is key! Recently I’ve been enjoying my Zero 7–inspired playlist, which also includes songs by Yeki, Ivy, and Frou Frou.